Use MetaTM

How to use MetaTM

Via DAS: The easiest way to use MetaTM is via a DAS client. DAS stands for the Distributed Annotation System, and among other capabilities it allows a single program to automatically seek out information on a given protein sequence from sources all over the world and then display that information together in a unified view.
We recommend our own DAS client, DASher. To use DASher, go here, and after the program has loaded, enter a UniProt identifier in the search field, which is in the upper left corner of the window.
DASher will then ask all registered DAS servers, including MetaTM, whether they have information about your requested protein. All servers which do have such information will send it to DASher, where each server's annotation will be displayed as a separate track.
Don't see MetaTM in the DASher window? Try resizing the window a bit or scrolling down.
Or you can click on the Options button on the toolbar. The Options window contains a list of all of the DAS servers which returned information in response to your protein ID request. Check to see if MetaTM is there; it should be. If you need more help or want to learn more about how to use DASher, see the DASher help page.

Locally: Coming soon ...

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